Links to Resources

The book


Link to all the references used in the book chapters

Link to about 100 pages of references that support the ideas contained in the book.

Some student research is trickling in!
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Other Resources

  1.  YouTube book review July 2021
  2. Video introduction to Dermoneuromodulating by Tania Velasquez, Pinpoint Education, New York
  3. Shin Iwayoshi’s online video course in DNM, English subtitles
  4. Compilation of Yannick Wenger’s series of Facebook essays on DNM. July 2020
  5. Know your Nervous System and How it Causes Pain
    18-minute video from Feb. 2019; Lissanthea Taylor and I sat
    down for a quick PainChat at the San Diego Pain Summit.
  6. June 2020: New video – Jonathan Fass explains how he treated Brendan, who has CRPS. Facebook link
  7. 10 Things I learnt from 10 days with Diane Jacobs
  8. Dermoneuromodulation videos
  9. The Elegance of DermoNeuroModulation, by Jason Erickson, March 2013
  10. DNM in a Nutshell
  11. DNM Reference list
  12. Dermoneuromodulation: What?! .. ANOTHER “technique”??
  13. News story about Dermoneuromodulation
  14. Jason Erickson, MT, video (12 minutes) demonstrates DNM for massage therapists
  15. Excerpt from Pain Conference presentation Doug Alexander,, March 2014, video, 5 minutes.
  16. Link to entire presentation for download and credit for massage therapists in Canada and the US, through TouchU
  17. Course Notes: Dermoneuromodulation, by Zac Cupples
  18. Dermoneuromodulating course review, by Joletta Belton
  19. Body Intelligence blogpost by Cory Nakasue (May 1/2016): My week in a DermoNeuroModulation think tank. Two DNM poems. One DNM Testimonial.
  20. Dermoneuromodulation mentioned by name in this paper:
    Zimney K, Louw A, Puentedura EJ; Use of Therapeutic Neuroscience Education to address psychosocial factors associated with acute low back pain: a case report. Physiother Theory Pract. 2014 Apr;30(3):202-9.
  21. Review and critique of the book, Dermoneuromodulating, by Laurent Fabre (in French)
  22. Use of Dycem while dermoneuromodulating, at the Dycem blog
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